Exciting Book Deal News!

Say hello to Suzanne Fortin – yes, that’s me!

I’m delighted to be able to finally share the news that I have signed a three book deal with ARIA FICTION writing dual timeline women’s fiction novels as Suzanne Fortin.  THE FORGOTTEN LIFE OF ARTHUR PETTINGER will be released in ebook on 4 March and paperback in June. You can preorder by clicking on the link HERE. I’m especially pleased about this book as it’s one that is close to my heart and something I’ve wanted to write for several years but had to wait for the right time.

Here’s a quick blurb to the story – you can read the full on Amazon.

The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger is set in the present and during World War Two, and follows Maddie, who moves home to look after her grandfather when he develops Alzheimer’s where he fixates on his life during the war. When a video of him asking about a woman he knew during the war goes viral, Maddie begins to uncover a life she never knew her grandfather had lived.

I’m still going to be writing mystery and suspense under Sue Fortin but we felt there needed to be a clear distinction between the two genres while still maintaining a connection, hence the new name.

On the technical side of writing under two different names, I’m going to be keeping the same social media as it will be easier to manage both writing names under one roof, especially as the names are very similar so you can follow all my writing news from one place.

What’s To Love About Romantic Suspense?

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Romantic Novelists’ Association which is being celebrated throughout 2020 with a number of fab events, details of which you can find on their website. As next month is supposed to be one of the most romantic months with Valentine’s Day and this year it’s also a Leap Year, I thought I’d mark the occasion with a series of blog posts featuring romantic suspense writers.

As many of you know, I enjoy writing both romance and suspense, with my favourite genre romantic suspense where I get to bring the two together. Some of my books are in this latter category, although not necessarily marketed as such. My last book, The Dead Wife, definitely features both traits. Romance can very often be translated to ‘relationships’ and even in some of the most hardened crime stories, there is some sort of relationship going on, either as part of the main plot or subplot. Some of the most popular tv shows centre around and at least use love, romance and relationships in their storylines – off the top of my head there’s Doctor Foster, Big Little Lies, Line of Duty, Keeping Faith, You.

It’s the same for books too …

Karen Rose, Nora Roberts, Evonne Wareham have all written suspense books, with varying degrees of grittiness, which also feature romance. If you haven’t tried romantic suspense before, then I’d very much recommend any of the following.

Any of the Karen Rose series

I’m currently reading the  Baltimore series. Not for the faint-hearted.


Nora Roberts, Shelter In Place

Evonne Wareham, Never Coming Home

Louise Rose Innes writes military romantic suspense, with both the male and female leading in the alpha stakes.

Barbara Freethy writes a lot of romantic suspense, with probably more or equal emphasis on the romance.

Hope you enjoy the up-coming guest posts who all write in this genre and that you discover a new author as well.


End of Year Catch Up

I just thought I’d take the chance to close the year with a catch up of what’s been happening recently and a glimpse of what’s to come in 2020.

I’ve had a busy few weeks, including several trips to London. One for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Winter Party and Industry Awards, another for my publisher’s Christmas party at The Ivy and one earlier this week to meet with my agent and discuss plans for next year.  So, much as I enjoy going to capital, I think I’m now all Londoned out!

It was publication day for The Birthday Girl in Germany (Penguin Verlag) at the beginning of the month. They’ve gone for the same cover but just given the colours a bit of a tweak.

Don’t forget you can sign up to my newsletter here  From this you’ll get a chance to find out what’s happening in my writing world, sneak previews, early news, exclusive content, the chance to win prizes, book recommendations and more. In the new year I’ll hopefully be able to share with you some book news of my next book and what I plan to do in the coming year.

I’ve read some fabulous books this year, some of which I’ve given a shout out to in my newsletter. To be honest, I’m a slow reader so I’ve only actually read 3 or 4 books either paperback or ebook and the rest have been audio books. I can get through one of them in a matter of days as I listen to them when I’m doing other things, like driving, preparing dinner, dog walking or before I go to sleep. In fact, I love audio so much, I’ve got through over 40 books that way since the beginning of the year.

Looking ahead into 2020, if you’re in the Portsmouth area on Friday 5th March and fancy joining me and several other authors for a chat about romance and whether it’s all ‘fluff and kittens’ (hint: two mystery and suspense writers are on the panel, so probably not), we’d love to see you there. Here’s the link Portsmouth Book Fest

I’ve just finished decorating my tree at home and although I’ll be working right up to Christmas, I wanted to take the opportunity to round off the year with a MASSIVE thank you to all my readers who have been as supportive as ever with the publications of Schoolgirl Missing and The Dead Wife this year – I really appreciate all your tweets, shares, comments, reviews and messages, it’s what keeps me writing.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas/peaceful break and very best wishes for 2020!




I’m delighted that today is the day my new book THE DEAD WIFE hits the digital market! (Paperback 5th September.)

I loved writing this book and was genuinely sorry to say goodbye to the characters. I keep trying to come up with an excuse to write another book featuring them, but so far no luck there. You’ll find the official blurb on Amazon, etc but here is my slightly longer version.

The Dead Wife is set in the Lake District at a high-end holiday resort, in the grounds of Conmere House and surrounded by woodland and beautiful scenery. The resort is owned by Pru Sinclair, the formidable businesswoman and mother to three sons, Dominic, Harry and Owen and although on the surface they appear to have it all, simmering away are tensions, sibling rivalry and secrets.

Within the grounds is Conmere Lake, the place of a tragic drowning two years earlier of Harry Sinclair’s wife, Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth’s mother cannot accept it was an accident and when she discovers travel reporter, Steph Durham, is covering the reopening of the resort, she persuades her to find out what really happened when her daughter went into the water.

As Steph begins to investigate, herself drawn towards Harry Sinclair but is he as innocent as it seems, are any of the Sinclair family telling the truth? And ultimately finds she is more closely involved in the death of Elizabeth Sinclair than she ever imagined.

TDW US Cover





If you’re in America, you get a different look to the cover – here’s the  Amazon link for you.



I really hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it and if you do, perhaps you’d consider leaving a very short review on Amazon.

Thank you for all your support, it’s greatly appreciated.




The Right Book Cover for The Right Market

I don’t think I’m alone when, as an author, I find it very exciting when it comes to covers for my books. Sometimes I have a good idea how I would like the cover to look and other times, it’s just a vague mix of ideas instigated by different scenes in the book, usually the major scenes where something important happens. Very rarely does my imagination come anywhere near the end result my publisher presents to me. I have to say it’s at this point I realise why I’m a writer rather than a graphic designer. They have a knack of capturing the essence of the story with one image.

Up until this point, all my books have had the same cover for the English language editions, whether it’s UK, Canada, USA etc and often the foreign editions take on the same cover too or a slight variation. I always find this a fascinating insight into what works for the different countries. However, with The Dead Wife, I was first presented with the cover of a woman’s shoe in a puddle and it sat nicely alongside my previous book cover of a trainer.

I was very happy and fully on-board with this cover. However, when my publishers took it to their US colleagues, they weren’t so sure it worked for their market. I don’t know the ins and outs of the conversations, but it was agreed some alternatives would be put together. My editor sent me the two covers they were going to present to the US office and asked me for my feedback.

I must admit I was taken with both of them and it was really hard to say which one I preferred. My knee-jerk reaction was the ‘hand in the water’ cover but then when I sat down and took a more considered view on the merits of each, I kept changing my mind. Eventually, I emailed my editor back and said my gut feeling was the ‘hand in the water’ cover and she agreed with me. In fact, she went on to say, they were so taken with the new images, they were thinking of changing the UK cover too.

To cut a long story short, the red shoe was discarded and the new UK cover – the ‘hand in the water’ – replaced it. I assumed this would be the same for the US office too, so was surprised to see they had gone for the ‘face’ cover. It’s obviously a design they think works best for their market and I’m not the expert here so I really have no objections at all.

Of course, this late change in the day meant a mad scramble over the weekend to redesign the promo images I’d prepared, change scheduled blog posts, contact bloggers who were hosting me over the next couple of weeks and let the blog tour organiser know so she could in turn let her contacts know.

So, although it’s caused some extra work – apologies to those who’ve been affected – I’m really happy with the changes and having the two different covers, I feel I’m getting the best of both worlds.

The Dead Wife publishes on 12th July in the UK but unfortunately, readers in the US will have to wait until a bit later in the year.

Micro-Movie for THE DEAD WIFE

Not long now until THE DEAD WIFE is published – Yay and Yikes!

It’s always a bit nerve wracking but I’m very much looking forward to sharing the story of the Sinclair family and what really happened to Elizabeth Sinclair on the family holiday resort two years ago. Here’s a short book trailer to whet your appetite …

Every Marriage Has Its Secrets – THE HALF TRUTH out today

My third Harper Impulse novel, The Half Truth, is released today in digital format, with the paperback on 4 June.  It’s a mystery with romance and, like my previous two novels, is set mainly on the south coast of the UK, although the story does venture to London a few times.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Half truth

Every marriage has its secrets…

Tina Bolotnikov, widowed after her husband, Sasha, is killed in a car accident, relocates back to her hometown on the south coast of the UK, to bring up her young son. Her life back in London with her adored husband is now nothing but a memory; a history to pass onto her son.

DS John Nightingale saw his partner killed in the line of duty and has made it his personal and professional quest to bring to justice the Russian gang responsible. Five years on and the killer is still free but as reports come in of Sasha Bolotnikov’s brother returning to the UK, John is tasked with tracking him down and following him to the seaside town of Littlehampton.

Tina finds herself an unwitting connection to a world she knew nothing about. She thought she knew her husband. She thought their past was the truth. But now as the investigation draws her closer to DS Nightingale, professional lines are blurred and crossed, and only he holds the key to her future.

Amazon UK







Audio Voice Work

Today, I’m delighted to welcome onto the blog, my lovely sister-in-law, Angela Rowland who did the voice over for my book trailer The Half Truth.  She did an amazing job for me, the link for which is below, and I wanted to ask her more about her work.


Angie, how did you get into your line of work, acting and voice overs? Where did it all begin?

I got into professional acting, having never been to drama school or anything like it, by being spotted on the amateur stage in my 20’s . I was advised to get into voice over work, which in turn provided me with the professional contracts I needed, in order to secure my Equity membership.  I then went on to get into roleplay and other acting jobs.  From that I was then recommended to the Film Studies Department at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and now work regularly with the film students on various projects.I am currently acting in 2 short films, both of which are major graduation projects.  I feel very fortunate.

What did you do before your acting and voice over work?

I was a legal secretary for many years and worked my way up to a high level in that job but I always said I did not want to be chained to a desk until I retired!  So to find myself working as an actress and voice artist for the last few years and for that to build so that I can say I have a career as an actress is so rewarding and I am certainly doing what I love the most as a job!

And what have you got planned in the future?

My ambition now would be to get onto Spotlight with a good show reel, so that I might be able to get an agent to try out for television and theatre work. If I could make this happen  in 2015, that would be so good but in the meantime I am more than happy as things are.

Thank you so much for doing the voice over on the book trailer for me – I’m delighted with it. 

Very best of luck with your show reel and Spotlight.


Contact details :

Email : angela_rowland1@sky.com

Facebook Angela Rowland

Cover Reveal : The Half Truth

I’m delighted to reveal the cover for my third Harper Impulse novel, The Half Truth.

There’s also a book trailer which is narrated by my uber talented sister-in-law, Angela Rowland, who I’ll be interviewing her next month about her voice over and acting work.

The Half Truth is out on 19 March, paperback 4 June. It’s available to pre-order from Amazon now.

The Half truth




Closing_inEveryone knows that when you’ve written something, try as you might, you can’t always spot your own mistakes, typos, sentence construction issues or general grammar problems. When I finished my first draft of Closing In, I needed someone with a keen eye to look over it for me before I sent it to my editor at Harper Impulse. I knew just the person to ask – my friend and fellow Romaniac girl, Jan Brigden.

Jan really does have an eye for detail. She meticulously went through my manuscript and found all the little, and not so little, errors I had made. She was able to give me solid feedback and advice on how to improve my manuscript, not just technically but she also spotted a few plot holes and continuity issues. I was so grateful, her proofreading really gave my manuscript a boost, making it so much more professional and polished.

Jan has also proofread other manuscripts and I know everyone has been delighted with her work. I would whole-heartedly recommend Jan to anyone who is looking for a proofreader. Over at The Romaniac blog, Jan has now put together a page, please pop over to have a look in more detail at her proofreading service and testimonials from previous clients. Click HERE.

Jan Proofreading ecard