Exciting Book Deal News!

Say hello to Suzanne Fortin – yes, that’s me!

I’m delighted to be able to finally share the news that I have signed a three book deal with ARIA FICTION writing dual timeline women’s fiction novels as Suzanne Fortin.  THE FORGOTTEN LIFE OF ARTHUR PETTINGER will be released in ebook on 4 March and paperback in June. You can preorder by clicking on the link HERE. I’m especially pleased about this book as it’s one that is close to my heart and something I’ve wanted to write for several years but had to wait for the right time.

Here’s a quick blurb to the story – you can read the full on Amazon.

The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger is set in the present and during World War Two, and follows Maddie, who moves home to look after her grandfather when he develops Alzheimer’s where he fixates on his life during the war. When a video of him asking about a woman he knew during the war goes viral, Maddie begins to uncover a life she never knew her grandfather had lived.

I’m still going to be writing mystery and suspense under Sue Fortin but we felt there needed to be a clear distinction between the two genres while still maintaining a connection, hence the new name.

On the technical side of writing under two different names, I’m going to be keeping the same social media as it will be easier to manage both writing names under one roof, especially as the names are very similar so you can follow all my writing news from one place.