Written Fireside – His Way Home

Lori Connelly is the mastermind behind this fun round-robin/written fireside story. She began it back in November and each week a different Harper Impulse author has taken up the story  and added their bit. This week it’s my turn.

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His Way Home


Beth swallowed and took a step back. She most certainly wasn’t pregnant and a baby wasn’t in their plans for a few more years. In her mind, she had imagined her and Matthew having children but in New York, not here in the back of beyond.

Alice was looking at her, a peaceful yet intense expression on her face. ‘Your fate is here, on the farm.’ The words were spoken as fact, rather than persuasion. ‘Don’t fight what is to be,’ said Alice, this time resting her hand on Beth’s cheek.

Beth had no idea what happened, but in that moment, it was as if Alice transferred some sort of inner wisdom. Suddenly Beth knew that New York was no longer an option. Whatever was going to happen in the future wasn’t going to happen in the Big Apple. Her and Matthew were needed here.

Matthew’s voice broke her reverie. ‘Could someone tell me what the hell is going on? Please tell me there’s a hidden camera and someone is going to jump out and say it’s some sort of hoax TV show.’ He clasped his hands behind his head and paced the room. ‘Just let me get this straight. I’m in a secret log cabin, which in all the years I’ve lived on this farm, I know jack-shit about.  In said cabin, is my Great Grandfather, who saved my life when I was 12, despite the fact he had been dead for years. Not only that, but my Grandmother, just happens to be here too, who, no offence Grandma Alice,’ he put a hand out in Alice’s direction, ‘but she’s resurrected herself too.’

‘Matthew …’ began Beth, she could see how agitated he was becoming.

Matthew cut in. ‘No, please Beth, I’m just getting to grips here.’ He took a breath. ‘Now, I know I’m the one with the medical qualification here and have brought people back from the dead before, but they had only been dead a few seconds or minutes, not years. Medical science hasn’t come on that quick.’ He stopped pacing and looked at Beth, then Alice and Walter. ‘Oh, but wait, that’s right, you two have travelled through time. Shucks, why didn’t I think of that before?’

Beth moved to his side and gently placed her hand on his arm. ‘I don’t understand all this either, but what other explanation is there? Let’s just run with it.’ She moved his hand to her stomach. ‘Your past is here for our future. And our future is here on the farm.’

He held her gaze and after a second or two spoke. ‘Not NYC?’ His question was a whisper.

She shook her head in reply, her eyes never leaving his.

Walter cleared his throat in a rather exaggerated manner. ‘Erm, I hate to interrupt but your Grandmother and I need to get back to our own times.’

 ~ ~ ~ ~

To be continued next Tuesday by Erin Lawless

And concluded the week after by Mandy Baggot