Life Cycle of a Writer – Taking A Break From Writing

It’s been a particularly demanding year, I moved house, had one book published, completed and submitted another, all this alongside both my parents and my daughter being admitted to hospital (emergencies) at different times and, very sadly, my lovely mother-in-law passed away. So, with some relief, I took a break from writing to allow life to settle. I blogged about it over at The Romaniacs for my turn on Life Cycle of a Writer …

The Romaniacs

Sue Fortin

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was here blogging about receiving my edits for The Half Truth (click HERE to view). Since then my third Harper Impulse novel has flown the nest and is fending for itself out in the big wide world. I will be honest in saying that afterwards I felt quite drained by the whole process. Despite having plenty of writing to get on with, I didn’t feel emotionally or physcially able to do any. At the back of my mind the writing advice of ‘write something every day’ kept plaguing me but try as I might, I couldn’t summon up any enthusiasm.  I was also very much aware my family were well in credit for some of my time, having graciously and lovingly, supported me when I was under deadline pressure.

The Owl & The Pussy Cat The Owl & The Pussy Cat

Amberley Amberley

So, ignoring the ‘write…

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