IMG_2734Published by Harper Collins’ imprint Harper Impulse, Sue Fortin writes mystery, suspense and romance. Sue is a member of both the Crime Writers’ Association and The Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Sue is a USA Today and an Amazon UK #1 best selling author, with The Girl Who Lied and Sister Sister both reaching #1 in the Amazon UK Kindle chart in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Translation rights for both novels have been sold worldwide.

Lover of cake, Dragonflies and France. Hater of calories, maths and snakes. Sue was born in Hertfordshire but had a nomadic childhood, moving often with her family, before eventually settling in West Sussex.

Sue is married with four children, all of whom patiently give her time to write but, when not behind the keyboard, she likes to spend her time with them, enjoying both the coast and the South Downs, between which they are nestled.






24 thoughts on “About

  1. Is your book The Girl Who lied with the UK Harper collins impulse? As one publicity assistant from Harper impulse in the UK emailed me to say that your book is not one of theirs.

    1. Hi, yes it is with HarperImpulse part of HarperCollins group. No idea why assistant said that. Very odd. If you ask the assistant to refer to Charlotte Ledger (editor) she will be able to help.

  2. Dear Sue,
    I just read The Girl Who Lied. It was recommended by Amazon
    I finished it in about two and a half days.. I could not put it down. I will check out some of your other books.
    The characters seemed real and it was written very well.. it was a great book.

    1. Dear Anita

      Thanks so much for getting in touch, it’s lovely to hear from readers especially when they’ve enjoyed the book so much. I really appreciate hearing from you. Kind regards. Sue. x

  3. Just finished a great read, The Girl Who Lied, looking forward to reading The Cuckoo and Sister Sister. Thank you for making a long winters day speed by!

    1. Ah, thanks Tia. Just to give you the heads up – The Cuckoo was the original title for Sister, Sister. It was changed late in the day. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂 x

  4. Hi Sue, Just finished Girl Who Lied and Sister Sister – WOW is all I can say! I am so happy to have found a new wonderful author! Thanks! PS – wish I knew what ended up happening to “M”.

    1. Hi Mariann, thanks so much for your lovely message. Delighted you enjoyed the books. What happened to ‘M’ – she was successful in what she did at the end. 🙂

  5. Hi Sue,
    I am a student that uses Accelerated Reader and your book, “The Girl Who Lied” is not on there. Is there a way for you to get in touch with them?

  6. I was prompted by a school friend telling me that we went to school with you, so I downloaded ‘The girl who lied’ to have a read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be downloading more in future. You are on Facebook as a friend of a friend currently so if you remember me then please get in touch. Regards, Kathrina.

    1. Hi Kathrina, yes I do remember you! 🙂 Thanks for getting in touch and I’m delighted you enjoyed The Girl Who Lied. Do hope you enjoy any in the future too. I’ll pop over to FB.

  7. Hi Sue. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Sister Sister’. I have a question though…. I probably missed something as I read on until I was virtually asleep for 3 nights! The English mobile number that Clare found in the house in Florida… whose was it? I’m assuming it was Tom’s, and that he was the one who ‘Tut, tutted’ when Clare called it; but if Martha didn’t know Tom before the lost contact lens incident, how was the mobile number lying around in Alice’s house in America? Help!!! Many thanks for a super story! Sue Bond

    1. Hi Sue! Sorry, only just seen your message as I’ve been a little unwell. Do you know what, I’m going to have to look back at my notes. In my mind, yes, it was Tom’s number but as you pointed out, what is it doing there? Sorry, I’m not helping much but I will definitely check back. So glad you enjoyed the story though and sorry about the late nights it gave you. Always lovely to hear from readers even if they do get me questioning myself! 😀 x

  8. Hi Sue! Just wanted to take a minute and say that I’m a 26 year old from Northern Ohio (USA) I just started really getting into reading about 3 weeks ago and picked up a few books from Wal-Mart, your book Sister Sister caught my eye because of the front cover and the color pink (my favorite color). It’s been 3 days since I’ve started reading the book and I just finished it, I cannot begin to tell you how she opening it is (even though it’s fiction) and how manipulating people really can be!!! I absolutely loved the book and I will definitely be picking up the rest of your books! Thanks so much for a good read!!! It got my reading on to a great start!!!

    1. Hi Cortnie! Thanks so much for getting in touch, I’m absolutely delighted you enjoyed Sister Sister and I’m even more delighted it’s got your back into reading. Long may it continue. 🙂 x

  9. Dear Sue Fortin
    I just finished reading your amazing book, Sister sister! I loved it, I also loved reading the girl who lied prior to reading sister sister! Your books are so good and I plan on reading all of the ones you write. I will be going to my book store within the week to look for another book. Do you have an email I could speak with you through?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jessica thank you for your message and I’m so happy you loved my books – that’s so great to hear. I don’t have an email but you’re more than welcome to message me through my FB page – the link should be in the side bar.
      Sorry I haven’t replied sooner but I’ve had trouble accessing my website for some unknown reason. Seems fixed now. Look forward to chatting with you. Best wishes Sue. x

  10. One question I have, just out of curiosity, on the back cover of your book it gives Clare and Alice’s name and adjectives describing them, Clare’s name is spelt with an i , but in the book it is spelt with just an a. I just realized that. Overall I loved your book, definitely my favourite author

    1. Hi Jessica 🙂 The spelling on the blurb is a typo by my publishers unfortunately. It’s supposed to be corrected on the next print run. Ten out of ten for spotting it! Glad you still enjoyed it. Thanks again for getting in touch, I really appreciate it. Have a great day. Sue x

    1. I don’t right now, I used to and I’m looking at starting a new one. I’ll put a post on FB once I get it sorted out. Thanks for asking. 🙂

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