A shiny new blog

A new year and a new blog!

Bear with me, while I get this writing blog up and running.  I’ve moved over from my old book reviewing blog as I’ve found lately I haven’t got nearly as much time to read and review on a regular basis.  It’s my intention to blog once a week, just short snappy posts, more like news flashes to keep you up to date with what’s going on.

I’ve also recently started using my Writer’s Page on Facebook, so if you would like to keep up to date and interact on that, please hit the like button to the right of this post or alternatively follow this link  Sue Fortin Writer’s Page.

Thank you all for your continued support – as always, very much appreciated.



2 thoughts on “A shiny new blog

    1. Hi Libby, there were some book club questions in the paperbacks but not the digital copies. I’ve added a page under each book, under the ‘Books’ section on the main menu where you should find the questions. Hope this helps.
      Many thanks

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