Writing, Books and Crimefest

It’s been a very busy six months but now I’ve completed the second draft of my manuscript and sent it back to my editor, I thought I’d take a moment to write a blog post.

I can’t say too much about the book I’m currently working on but there will be more news on that later in the year. While I’m waiting for the next round of edits to come in, I’m going to make a start on a new book. I have several ideas and not entirely sure which one to run with, so I’m going to write both for a week or so and see which one I wake up wanting to write and then go with that.

I spent a great weekend at Crimefest – it was the first time I had attended, so wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and sat in on some very good panels. I think my favourite was about psychology, obsession and paranoia with B A Paris, Louise Candlish, Elodie Harper and Dirk Kurbjuweit, the latter whose book (Fear) was inspired by his own father and also by a stalker he had in real life.

I’ve read some great advance copies of books lately – I finished MINE by J L Butler last night, which was published last week and would very much recommend that if you like a good mind-twisting whodunnit type of story.

In the meantime, I have a list a mile long of things I need to do. Wishing you all a great week.





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