Book 4 Finished!

Today I was finally able to type THE END  – book 4 has now been written. Yay!

Of course, when I say written, I just mean my final draft version. It’s yet to be seen by the publishers and editorial team but I will deal with that in due course, for now, I want to revel in the fact that I’ve completed what I set out to do about four years ago.

Book 4 began life as part of a writing course I undertook through the London School of Journalism and the lovely tutor, Margaret James. I completed about fourteen chapters while doing the course and Margaret’s advice was invaluable but, in the end, I couldn’t finish it – not then, anyway. I clearly remember Margaret’s comment that it was all very nice but nothing much was happening. Ouch.  But she was right and I didn’t know how to fix it. I had, however, fallen in love with my hero (an Irish bike mechanic) and wasn’t prepared to end my relationship with him. Instead, we went on a break. A long one, granted but the three years in between did us the power of good. When I reacquainted myself with my hero and book 4, I knew what needed fixing. This was probably down to the experience I had gained over time as I developed the craft or writing and having three published books under my  belt.

So, since March, I’ve been spending a lot of time with book 4 and my hero and I’m delighted we’ve got to The End in one piece.  I’d like to say I’ll have a glass of wine to celebrate but having just checked the cupboards, I’m out of luck. Diet Coke it is!


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