Getting The Timing Right

It’s been six months now since I signed with Harper Impulse and during that time, I’ve seen United States of Love (previously self-published) being given a make-over, a tidy up and relaunched, I’ve submitted book 2 ‘Closing In’ and as I wait for feedback, I have book 3 well under way.

I am regularly asked how I got my publishing deal. I’m hoping it’s out of curiosity rather than incredulity. Anyhow, I think a lot of it has to do with luck – my book landing on the right desk at the right time.  Harper Impulse were looking for new authors (and still are, click HERE for their submission guidelines) and United States of Love had been well received as a self-published book, it had also received a thoroughly encouraging and complimentary RNA report under their New Writers’ Scheme and it had also gained interest from an agent. So, after being urged on by one of my Romaniac pals, I sent it off to Harper Impulse.

The timing doesn’t end there though. Getting a book published is one thing, but making it a success is another. Some books hit the market at the right time and really take off. It could be tied in with a TV series, a topical event, a trend, a genre of book, a film or even the look of the cover could be on-trend – all these things can help promote the book and the timing of publication is just right. Sometimes it’s a coincidence and sometimes it may be more orchestrated. Whatever, a lot of it can be down to timing and, of course, a great story.

Who knows when ‘Closing In’ is published whether it will be a subject of the moment/on trend – it’s just something that can’t be predicted.  I do hope, however, my timing will be better than my timing at the weekend. That will teach me to sit on the slipway and play chicken with the incoming tide! 🙂 You can see video evidence on my writer’s page via this link – I apologise in advance for the squealing and giggling, you may want to turn the volume down before watching it!



7 thoughts on “Getting The Timing Right

    1. Thanks Anneli, that’s kind of you to say so. The next one is a bit different, so it will be interesting to see what readers make of it.

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