Newsletter and Revamped Website/Blog

For the past few years I’ve been running a blog and website separately to one another, which has worked fine, although did give me some continuity in design issues and took up more time having to switch from one format to the other to make sure all the information was up to date. Bringing them both to one place was the logical solution – not only does it … Continue reading Newsletter and Revamped Website/Blog

Writing news!

I’m delighted to announce that last week I officially signed with Kate Nash of Kate Nash Literary Agency! I have known Kate in a professional capacity for several years now and, in the past, she has given me some great feedback and sound advice. They say to find an agent who loves your manuscript as much as you do and one that you can foresee a good … Continue reading Writing news!

RECRUITING – Romaniac Sparklers!

Originally posted on The Romaniacs:
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We love you, you know that, right? We’re a group of eight writers who set out to support each other in the most enthusiastic way possible. When the chips were down, we’d find a way to cheer each other on. When we triumphed, we’d applaud each other. But this feverish excitement and zest for sparkling through life… Continue reading RECRUITING – Romaniac Sparklers!

Life Cycle of a Writer – Sue Fortin

Originally posted on The Romaniacs:
The past few months have been particularly busy for me, both writing wise and home wise. Sometimes it’s hard not to get bogged down by it all and feel under pressure from all directions, however, I’ve taken comfort and strength from all the positive things that have also happened in my writing world. My novella The French Retreat has been out for just… Continue reading Life Cycle of a Writer – Sue Fortin

SFTW – What We Would Have Said Had We Not Lost The Power Of Speech.

Originally posted on The Romaniacs:
Award-winning Romaniacs! Sue, Catherine, Jan, Laura, Debbie & Vanessa, with Celia & Lucie holding the fort back at Romaniac HQ, but with us in spirit. Lucie Celia Rarely is a Romaniac lost for words, but on Wednesday evening, 18th November 2015, at the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Winter Party, we were struck dumb. The moment that took our collective breath away was… Continue reading SFTW – What We Would Have Said Had We Not Lost The Power Of Speech.